custom tag "max gust last imediate hour in degrees"

Hi Biran,
it would be fine, having a custom tag for max gust in the last immediate hour in degrees and also
the UTC time that occured.

Thank you for that tags!

you mean the direction the gust occured from?

yes, I mean the direction in degrees the gust occured and also the UTC time the gust occured.

Thank you!

is that custom tag possible and also a seperatae tag for UTC time when that gust in the imediate hour occured?

Brian, could you please add that 2 tags “gust last immediate hour in degrees” and " UTC that gust occured"
when you are working on the new tags “etcurrentweek” which is asked by an another user here in the forum?


that tag is already avaialble
and I am uploading a new 10.23L zip now with
i have not had a chance to add the utc request

Thank you a lot, Brian!

Could you please “save the UTC request” for further workings in future or
should I remeber you again in about 1 month or similar?