Custom Screens

Pulled the new version of 9.87d. Played around with the custom scrren layout. Has possibilities. The images I moved stayed put when I closed the display and reopened. But I couldn’t figure out how to make the charts big enough to read. Right-clicking would give a increase - decrease menu but it didn’t do anything if I clicked either entry. Also couldn’t figure out how to delete an unwanted image, or how to get one back if I changed my mind. Perhaps these are not yet implemented.



Might I suggest that this qualifies as a major change, so make custom screens version 5.x, and also leave the last non-custom screen version download available for folks to catch up?


keep clicking on the increase or decrease repeadetly to change the size (it moves in small steps, which i need to increase)
yes, this has beena major to code, and i hope people like it!
(note its not implemented until you view it)
i will make the screen able to be hidden by the clock , etc, and even as the default starting screen
i will add more custom tags too (hey its just like creating your own web page with the use of the custom tags you see)