Custom Screen Success!

Finally took the time to do it - my first one in my signature.
I had to change my font & size a couple times. Using 8 point the font was a bit broken up. Ended up with Arial 10pt.

now that is very very good!
easy to read
well laid out
nice size

i like t!
good for you!

now that people are starting to make these OK…and there are 10 custom screens in wd…what about I get wd to create a animated image (gif) of all the custom screens you have created and seletec to be inlduced in the animated image…(the animated image dealy would be say 2 secodns (adjustable) …now this would be pretty cool I think

It would probably end up with too large a file size. Just looking at a couple of the examples here (yours and snowmans) they’re 15-20k each. Add 10 of them together and you get a 150-200k file. Not too bad on broadband, but a big hit on dial-up. If a few of these were signatures on a forum page a dial-up user might as well go and make a cup of coffee or three and watch the TV for a while!

ah, yes, but i would make it so you choose how many to be in the sequence
it might just be 2…the other image might be some adertising for a sponsor even

As you can see below, I’ve made my first attempt at a CustomScreen … comments, suggestions, ideas would be greatfully appreciated!


looks very good to me…good work :wink:
good layout design, etc
i see you have in use a jpg option…
which is OK,except for contrasting colours, like the bright red fro the maximum.,…
so maybe instead do not have ticked use jpg, or choose a less bright red colour for the maximum temperature?

hmmm … was afriad GIF would ruin the colors of the photo … will try it and see. if it doesn’t look right, I’ll go back to JPG and change the text …




looks better as gif :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get back her in time to edit my reply, but … since you snuck in. :slight_smile:

Yep, but I don’t understand why, unless you’re doing some serious JPG compression. And even if so, the GIF is half the size of the JPG (24K vs 56K). Guess I’ll stick with GIF.

Now that I’ve got this figured out … I guess it’s time to start working on a real customer wx page to replace your default WD page. :slight_smile:


One comment…
At the bottom, your “miles per hour from the west SW” is running over your version number.
It probably only happens when that parameter shows a long string instead of just SW.


Thanks, I cleaned things up a bit more & bolded the text to make it easier to read.



Not intened for the signature, but …

If someone likes to have the picture of the console, I’ll make it available.

Cu, Chow.

WOW!! 8O

That is very good indeed Chow!

Well done! :smiley:

Tnx bristolwx,

I’ve more CustomScreens, but this one is quite nice :wink: (See my site:, choose ‘Diensten’ (at left) and use the link in the last column of the first row of the table (‘Banners’) … hmm, I really should start the English translation of my site :wink:

If anyone wants to use the picture of the console, you can get it by ftp (server:, user: weerdata, password: weerdata). Look in the ‘pics’-directory.

BTW: still tuning the CustomScreens …
directly, i found it, LOL :wink:
great work!


More coming soon! I hope.

(Hmmm, if everyone uses the direct links, I can’t get commercial :wink:).


sorry about that #-o :oops:

Just kidding, Brian.

If I was going to go commercial I wouldn’t be sharing stuff …

One of the problems is (when you deeplink) is that you can’t go to the rest of my website :wink:

[Added] Changed some code and if all is well, you still can use, but my frameset is loaded too … so you can go directly to the page and my website stays fully functional. At the moment I’ve only adapted banner.htm, but if it works …