Custom Screen Creation

Here is a screenshot of what my signature just looked liked after this past 5 minute usual update (7:25).



10.31k doesn’t give you the newest and bestest and better than any other software addition…

RapidFire WeatherUnderground updates :slight_smile:

LOL Just messing with you… I even stay a couple of versions behind at times when all is going well :wink:


Yeah, I saw that (RapidFire WeatherUnderground), but I would just rather stay where I am for now.

Just took another screenshot and here is what the signature looks like after the 7:30 update…


Strange Tim -
But, your screenshot is customscreen.png - your sig banner is customscreen.gif

Your .gif is showing properly in the forum.

Just wondering, but what does that have to do with my signature? :?

It’s just that the screenshots are saved as a .png.


Very nicely done, and only 18K too :smiley:

Oh - OK
Don’t know how you are seeing what you are seeing - like I said your .gif in your signature shows right every time for me.

Thanks niko! Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Odd…Don’t know what is up with that. It also does something similar to that on my website with the “Graphs & Trends” page and the “Station Setup & Location”.


When you are taking that screenshot, where are you taking it from?
Your webfiles folder, or your site?

I take all of my screenshots using a program called MWSnap.


But are the screenshots of the images on your computer, or directly from your website?

They’re on my computer.


Sometimes some weird stuff happens…
You’ve been working in your custom screens a lot today, so maybe WD is getting “over worked” once in a while in the update/upload stage.

I bet once you let WD alone for a little while, it will be OK.
WD sometimes has kind of a mind of its own, and fixes things by itself…

Sounds good. :smiley:

I will be getting off shortly, so when I come back on tomorrow let me know how it uploaded while I was gone, if you could. :wink: :smiley:



great work on your custom screen there aifan :slight_smile: