Custom Page Creation

I’m a new user and am having trouble creating a custom page using the Weather display tags. Went through all the help directions and created (actually used the sample) the wxlocal.htm file and placed it in my web files directory. Have the updates set for every 5 min and all of the other files update as required, just can’t seem to get wx.htm to appear. Ant suggestions would be appreciated. Several pieces of info below:

Defined webfiles location to a custom path.
Using 9.78 in trial mode.
Have the update weather files but do not FTP on.


Here’s the way I have mine setup and it does generate the wx html, I have 10 of them…

Hope this helps…

Thanks losmon, I’ll try changing a couple things and see. By the way something just occurred to me. I just assumed that the example in the docs was a portion of the wxlocal file. I embedded the example table in a normal web page with /body tags, etc. That is what I saved as wxlocal.htm. I hope that is what the program is looking for.


The file that it’s looking for should be named wxlocal.html (not .htm) and it should be in whatever you have set for the default web files directory. Then it will create the wx.html file in that same directory.


Thanks Jim, that did it. I’ve screwed up htm vs html many times in the past so I should know better. As soon as I named the file wxlocal.html, it was fine. Thanks again.