Custom File (new name option) won't upload


New issue with the custom file w/ a custom name. I have a local file in the “webfiles” directory with the name “wxtemp.xml”. I have set the option under Custom Files to save that as “weather.xml” and then to upload it to the website. WD correctly generates the weather.xml file (completely filled in w/ the custom labels), but it doesn’t upload the generated file - it sends the original file (i.e., wxtemp.xml), but with the “weather.xml” name.

I know it gets a little confusing. The main problem is how to get the generated “weather.xml” file from the webfiles folder to the website folder (without writing a custom script to copy the files from directory to directory every minute).

(my site is down right now - Upgrading Windows version)

One way to move the newly created file ‘weather.xml’ would be to do as follows:

Setup/General FTP Functions, then chose the ‘weather.xml’ file name as one to upload, then click on the left side of the screen for a specific time to upload this file.

Hope this helps…

found that bug, and fixed, uploading a new verison

new vers redy, fixed this