custom dbf file

Hi Brian,

Is it possible to have WSD produce a .dbf type data file that could be used with Dbase or Xbase type programs

It’s a long time since I used dBase, but I’m sure it used to be able to import CSV files. If so, it might be worth investigating what you get if you enable:

Setup | Log file recording | CSV format logfile as well

Hi Chris,

yes I already have a custom csv file being created, but Dbase wont read that file, I have even tried using Excel to save the csv file as a dbf file which it does but still Dbase wont recognize it. Damn.

You can find a delimited to dbase converter on simtel and probably other shareware sites but it’s strange that excel didn’t work. What version of excel and dbase do you have? Can you post or email the delimited file?

i have written a data base program before (hospital cancer research)
and so i could write a program to create say a paradox dbase log file…
but there are lots of data base files (BDE) need to go along with the installation , which makes it quite a large exe file…and that is why i never added dbase to WD ( there was a time WD could zip to a 1.44 inc floppy!



all I really am after is the actual data from WD in the form of a dbf file that DBAse can read. (similar to the csv files that I now have) I dont need all the other stuff associated with Dbase.


got it worked out with some help from Stephen

no need to worry now, cheers

i will get onto your request for the wm918 power off logging soon,…


thats great , thanks


For the benefit of other readers do you know what exactly was causing the problem?

Yes it was the old dos rule that file names could be no longer than 8 chars.
Since its been years since I have used dos & dbase, I had forgotten that.

But also now I have found an easier way & that is to simply have dbase append from the dailylog file as such:

append from daily.csv delim

much easier & simpler.