Current Sky - One hour forecast

My current sky correctly reports the current conditions from both my clientraw or METAR, but neither choice displays the correct numbers in the “One hour forecast”.

All my scripts are up to date. Any suggestions, I’ve seen this solved in another thread by updating but that is not relevant here.


After further research I see PWS might search for a 1 hr forecast using Opensky. I have an OpenSky API key entered. But that does not seem to help.

Hi Tlowe,

What type of API key did you request at OpenWeatherMap?

The free key does not support the data we need.
In the past they allowed 2.5 “all-in-one” data for free, but that stopped some time ago.

The “paid for” all-in-one key has a generous free allowance but it needs a credit card registration.

If you subscribed for the “all-in-one” key you have to change line 38-39 in PWS_Dark_Openweather.php
Now it reads

$owm_version = ‘2.5’;

Change that to

$owm_version = 3.0’;

But you are using WU-forecast on your Dashboard, not the OWM forecast.

IMHO it is overkill to use OWM just for a few lines in the Sky block.
If you empty the “DarkSky” api key and set the selector to “not use” you will get the current data in the Sky-block.


Thanks Wim,
I took your advice and went with nothing.

Out of curiosity I adjusted my OpenWeatherMap account, updated the code, but I don’t think my order for the Onecall API is active yet. I will check that option tomorrow.