CronWeatherFlow 5.6 no data from WeatherFlow Tempest

I am running Weather Display 114 release on Windows 10. Data is being captured fine by CronWeatherFlow version 5.4.

I tried to upgrade to release 117 with CronWeahterFlow version 5.6 and the data is no longer being captured. I did reboot the hub. Still no luck.

Attached is a capture from both version of CronWeatherFlow.

For now I have fallen back to the 114 release.

CronWeatherFlowCaptures.txt (7.57 KB)

I had been working with a few users that have a mixture of original weather flow station and tempest station
and so that is the problem
use a new .zip update of WD to fix this

sorry about that, my bad

Implemented the 118 release that included cronweatherflow 5.8.

Worked perfectly.

As always, thank you for such responsive support.