Cron-job problem


This morning I unfortunately had problems with my cron job.

It will not update the graphs anymore. It stopped last night. I have tried manually, where it works fine, but subsequently stops when it should run normally.

Hope you can help me


Try using the cron URL in a browser. You may see an error being reported which will give more of a clue about what’s going wrong.

Hi Mark7000

AFAICS the graph data files are correct.
There are minor gaps today between03:36 and 0607:46

Can be a problem at the cron server
Or a temporary glitch at your website server.
Or did you solve the problem already?

But for the last hours all data looks OK.


the problem is solved.

It is probably a server error from the Cron Job provider that has been the cause. Everything now works as it should.

Happy Wednesday