Creating wxlocal.html with MS front page ???

Have anybody tried to create the vxlocal.html with MS Front Page 2003? I am using it for creation for my other webpages, and would like to try to create the wxlocal.html.

It would be nice to know if anybody have tried this, dont want to put time an effort into someting useless.

Regards Windsurfer

I edited my original layout with FP2003 also.

I used for the most part the Carter Lake template
but added a few things here and there. I have actually
found it much easier using php on the layout now.


hi - yes all my pages were done in Frontpage - including the wxlocal ones.

Thanks for your response, I am going for it. 8)

At the moment my skills about internet and html, not so very good. But I am picking up on it.
But for now I want to stick with FP because the graphic layout I have choosed on the other pages, is way to complicated for me to just type in HTML or some other coding.
And I want to keep the same layout (theme) in all pages.

I just have to get going, there is a lot of local windsurfers, waiting for my station to get back online.

It have been very strong winds at my location the past few days, wind between 6-7 Bft.

Cheers!!! :smiley:

All you FP guys need to bear in mind that MS is killing Front Page, and that hosts are already starting to drop FP support, so this is a poor time to be getting in bed with it :wink:

Whoa!!! I hadn’t heard that BUT there’s a lot of caution “out there” about Vista (in any form) and the new Office Live. Also I find it difficult to believe that large hosts can afford to drop FP support. I think it will be around for a very long time in it’s current iteration. M$ seems to think the streets are indeed paved with gold and that there is great enthusiasm among current XP users to upgrade to or purchase Vista and Office. I have to disagree with them about that.


Of course there will be caution with a new OS, just look at mickeysofts previous OS upgrades with the updates required afterwards. :slight_smile:

As far as large hosts dropping FP support, a lot are indeed dropping it due to security issues, and once FP itself is dropped by ms, most hosts will drop it as people move along with whatever new comes out.

As more people find out and starting using PHP and other ‘technologies’, they’ll move away from FP completely.

If you are worried about using FP and still want a wysiwyg html editor try NVU its free works in windoz and linux and doesnt do a bad job.

Oh and creates the wxlocal files no problem… :smiley:


Vista isn’t officially out, yet it has a security problem already. If and when the ISPs run to Vista ( and I am not sure why they would, considering their track record on patches and fixes) MS has the replacement program availiable. I suppose to be safe, you would want a program that does not need the ISP to install special FP extentions to run it.

I use FP right now, find it very easy to work with. I would like to use something like DreamWeaver but it is costly and far as the rest, there are some nice cheaper things at your local computer store, or you can do a google search or Mamma or Ask… and find all sorts of similar programs that have that type of program.

You can always contact your ISP and ask them their plans to drop the FP extentions. I am betting they will keep them along with whatever new comes down the pike.

Personally, I am not jumping up and down waiting for Vista. I want to see when it is on the market a while and what issues are out there as has been the case with just about everything else.

Hi all
MS have released a “replacement” for Front Page -called Expressions. It’s part of a suite of products aimed at the more professional web design group. I’ve used it for a while, and it follows a model of separating out style from structure, thus building more compliant pages, than FrontPage. More details and trial version can be found here.

There is a note on the above page about FP server extensions - essentially Expressions, will support only some going forward (eg dynamic file renames on links when moving files), with MS leaving developers to provide better solutions for functionality that has been missed out (ie some webbots, themes etc.)

Pricing has recently been made available - about USD 280 from Amazon, which I think is a bit steep

And just to set the record straight - no I don’t actively promote Microsoft products - just that I unfortunately seem to do a lot of it on this forum! :roll:

My pages were either created with FP or Expressions, but as I’ve used Joomla (CMS) on the site, the pages I’ve modified were all “Includes” on the site so what you see is a mixture of Joomla, and Carterlakes php pages modified to suit the site.


I found out the hard way last night that FP does it’s own thing eventually and will completely destroy a page displaying WDL data templates. I’m moving on to something else. Don’t know what yet, but it’s gotta be done.

Nvu is working okay for me and it’s free. The link is:

#-o #-o HEY what about Notepad??? :smiley: :smiley:

Notepad is for folks who actually know exactly what they are doing. I’m not one of 'em!! 8O

I rediscovered NVU yesterday, after leaving it several months ago. The old version had FTP problems that I could never work around. Since I’ve been using WebDrive lately, I decided to revist NVU and I really like it. I just open and save my pages to WebDrive drives and it takes care of the FTP for me.

Does NVU’s native FTP work better now?

NVU (or other programs) are a good way to transition from a full WYSIWYG editor to hand-editing in Notepad or Notepad2. I use NVU to make the basic page, and then tune it in its source editor, flipping back and forth to Preview to see how it looks.

Notepad2 is as good as Notepad, but adds syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages.

I created my wx file in frontpage, then copied and pasted into word, then put that into the wd directory.