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Would it be possible to create an animated weather icon from the Metar conditions report similar to this one, showing the 5-day forecast?

yes, thats a good idea…
i was going to add more than the 1 metar image uploaded…
but this way it would save space on the web site

I’m not good at reading Dutch, but I think that all it’s giving is today’s current temperature, wind, and weather icon, and then it switches to tomorrow’s projected high temp, wind, and weather icon. That info could be extracted from the 5-day forecast.

What I was planning on doing, was to put the icon on the web page, and then link it to the forecast5day.gif.

oh, i was meaning something else

i have been working on getting wd to work with non noaa forecast downloaded files (using the http download and ticked that it is a text file)
i have it working for when the days of the week are english, but i will get it so you can set your language equivalent of the days of the week
after adding the non noaa setup, i now have lots of people in the usa setting that
i dont know why something using a noaa forecast file would then change the settings to use the non noaa setup

English is fine with me. All I was looking for was a little icon that I could put up in my web page that gave the user very general information about today’s and tomorrow’s forecast. I could then link it to the forecast5day.gif which would be displayed if the user clicked on the icon.

Since you’re already extracting the data (from somewhere) and creating the forecast5day.gif, I thought that you might be able to use the same data to create a small, animated .GIF to show just today’s and tomorrow’s forecast.

The icon that is displayed in the link that I listed, is perfect - except for the fact that it’s in Dutch, and the forecast is for the Netherlands! Even the size and colors are right.

ah, ok, i get ya now

biy my list of things to do is growing again!
( and I am still to perfect the get time from the ws2310 station)

I expect to have my web page perfected by 2010, so no big rush - just don’t forget it!

I expect to have my web page perfected by 2010, so no big rush - just don't forget it!

It’s 21:14 now…is it finished yet :wink:

My unit of time measurement is years - not days, hours, or minutes!