Crash Monster Ver9.51a

Oh Noooo!!!

The Crash Monster has hit me! Running XP with a Lacrosse 2010.
It has all the symptoms of the others… it crashed just after midnight.
(with the XP window saying it must shut it down)

I have rebooted the computer and will wait for midnight tonight… I hope it was just a one time thing… if not - HELP!! 8O


I have good news from here. I finally did a fresh install of WD to a new directory this morning and reentered all my setups - since I couldn’t get things to run more than 30 minutes without a hang/crash all week. I can’t believe it but my Windows XP and WD software is still running 5 hours later without a crash. I had to copy in the old FTP program but hey I’m happy.

A fresh install! Oh man Why did I wait so long to do it?!

Now for some of the other stupid tricks I’ve been doing…

  • Importing an archived wdisplayftp to the registry in an attempt to recover a stable configuration. Did I keep track of which registry file went with which version of WD? No, but I’m realizing now that it must matter.

  • Copying an archived wdisplay.ini file to the c:\wdisplay directory. I realized this morning that doing this all week long was doing nothing! It has to be restored to the c:\windows directory! Duh.

Still what kept me from doing a fresh install all week was the hope of restoring a PREVIOUS stable configuration. The other big reason was to avoid reentering all the setups. Perhaps from here on forward I’ll keep it all straight and keep track of which archived wdisplayftp registry file goes with which wdisplay.ini goes with which version WD AND I’ll even actually remember to restore the wdisplay.ini file to c:\windows!

Some times a lot of pain will go a long ways to doing things right the next time. But let me check, did I get this all right?

Another thought… Is it possible to export portions of the wdisplayftp stuff in the registry to enable easy setup of a fresh install by selectively double clicking registry files such as aprs_setup.reg, wunderground_setup, etc or would this be just another stupid trick of mine?

kfarm, it will be the log file too big just at the end of the month :slight_smile:
the new month will be OK again :slight_smile:
(we have been here before!)

ted, good news then!
sometime a fresh start in a dreiectory is needed(i have not had to do that in 3 years yet though!)

I have come to the same conclusion with Windows XP. I think that I will need to install into the new directory as well ., remove the old ftp from the registery, the ini files and do the fresh load. install all that needs to be and go from there.

I did some testing yesterday and found that if the log and data files, in my case were added to a new directory ( fresh copy) the same problems happened. SO, here I am on the start of things.

I think I know what went wrong. Any time I used the system restore, it also set back the wdisplay files, with the exception of log files. SO when the program started up again, it loaded more files than needed.

Ah, experience.