Couple of problems

Hi Brian,

Got a few problems with WD recently .When It starts up it minimizes ,but keeps sitting in the system tray ( can’t maximize and in the end have to save and exit and restart wd . Also when it starts I get nonsecal readings for the max gust to date in the all time records ( the speed reading is ok, but the time at which they occur are ridiculous like, for example "2,2 m/s at 61:43 hrs ) . I have no choice but to reset this in the reset selected all time records menu . Finally : I’ve lost the days with rain in the averages extremes up till now menu ( you know at the bottom of the left window ). I know the data for the rainfall is still there , because the totals are correct. I’ve tried all of the following to rectify : convert inf file to logile–no effect, the otheone also , you know convert graphfile…also no effect. When I convert the inf file I get a really big list with dates in it ( for december ) like the 23rd etc. , in fact it seems to think december is over !!!Any idea what causes all this ???



btw : I’m running WD on windows 2000 pro now.

You may have some bad values in the wdisplay.ini file
email me that (from c:\winnt)
and zip and email me the 122002lg.txt log file

sorry i missed this posting!