Couple of blocks not populating

Hi all. Any idea where the max wind gust and max min temperature blocks get their data from ? Mine don’t seem to be populating. Thanks

More information here in a list of “general” topics:


The first one is the one about the high-low blocks and why you should use a cron-job to populate the high-lows.

Ok Wim thanks. Will have to research it as it looks over my head atm.

You won’t get max/min wind/temp otherwise. Hope your free hosting site can/will run a cronjob every 5 minutes. . .

Ok so set up a cron job and the max/min temp and windgust are now populating.The last line which shows 2024 data is showing Dec and Nov against it. I have only been uploading to WU for a couple of weeks so will i have to wait for that to correct itself?

I think you can use . . ./pwsWD/PWS_hist_update.php?pw=12345, where 12345 is your easyweather password.

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ok Bitsostring thanks. What do i do with that file? i’m on a steep learning curve here :upside_down_face:

Just go into the file and you can update any of the settings there, temp rain etc

Do not change anything a a php script.

Go to that script in your browser with your easyweather password.
Replace the 12345 text in the example below with your easyweather-password

You get a screen with all current history values and can update them as you wish.
Click the save button and the new values will be used.

ok thanks all. no joy with doing this…

You should replace the 12345 text in the examples with your easyweather-password

If you used f.i. ABCDEFG as password updating your settings, your link in the browser should be

Sorry Wim. Of course. Feel an idiot. Got it now.
Will amend the year data…are the erroneous figures there because a short time uploading to WU?

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