Cosmetic: MDI LED colour

This is really trivial, but also hopefully easy to fix! The MDI LED (between Heat Index and Wind Chill) isn’t using the same OFF colour as the other LEDs. I’m not sure about the ON colour because I’ve not seen it light up yet. I’m looking at the web page, but I’m guessing that the console is also showing the wrong colour.

Having said that…what is MDI and why does it have a LED? The only references I can find on the web seem to relate to the SOHO satellite measuring solar storms. My WMR928 isn’t fitted with the satellite option, so I don’t think it’s that :wink:

its the modified discomfort index
and the clours change as it gets higher (red is hot!)
the US navy use it in places like bahrain (spellling not correct?)
and I know the US Marines are using WD in Iraq too…

Are the colours a standard set or is there a definition of the sequence. It was green here when I saw it. I assume that’s a pretty low because it’s nothing like Bahrain or Iraq here!

Thanks for the explanation. It will probably be years before I see the LED again though!