Corrupt WDisplay.ini file

Not sure if I have Brian, but I am having serious problems with the graphical plot on the main screen.

The time is scrolling from right to left, but ALL the graphs that are plotting are not following with the time.

What I have done is removed WD completely and started from scratch. All appears to be working fine now.

As I saved my original WDisplay.ini file (because it has all the history of all my set-ups and also the All Time Records from the last 6 months) I shut down WD, swapped over the WDisplay.ini files and now the problem has come back.

Is there away that I can rewrite (copy) the approrpriate files that have all the recorded data history on it so that I can have at least that back if nothing else.

Hope you can help me on this one.

hi andy

email me a newly re created and working wdisplay.ini file and the old backed up wdisplay.ini file

Okay Brian,

Will send both, slightly renamed so you know

Thanks for your help Brian. It is still working 18 hours later. Whatever you did worked. Hope you can reinstate my All time records etc so that all my history will still be intact.