Corrected data, how to get template pages updated?

I had a problem with data corruption last month. I was able to recover the data from a backup file and recreate and upload the dailynoaareport file for last month. That corrected some but not all of the template pages. The main one that’s off is
How do I fix these and the associated graphics files?

I also had a problem with my station yesterday (this one my fault) and had to correct the rain value and uploaded the dailynoaareport file. How do I get yesterday’s value to show up on my main page?

go to view, av/ext, then recreate…and set the date (month/year) to recreate

also for the detailed climate report, when you view that month/year, you get an updated climatedataout.html
rename that file as needed and upload

note this question has been asked and answered a number of times, should show up in a search

I did search but way too many matches to be useful. For example “correct data” returns 160 PAGES.

What file(s) get corrected and need to be uploaded on the av/ext page?

I updated the climatedataout files and uploaded. July still has a couple of bad days at the end of the month which is when I found the corrupted data file. I’ll have to dig around to see if I can file the missing data. The August file is still missing the corrected rain value for yesterday (28th).

I’ve already corrected/uploaded the dailynoaa report files.

What other files need to be updated that I’m missing?

The home and trends pages are not picking up yesterday’s rain

The month to date graph needs to be updated

July’s daily report page is still wrong

Is there a sticky somewhere that details all the steps

you will need to upload the udpated files used by those .php functions
(you can view the web page source to see what files are used)

you can set yesterdays rain under control panel, offsets and initial rain

if the php files are also using clientrawdaily.txt then you will need to wait for that to get updated, or restart WD and the clientrawrealtimeftp to force that to be updated

I already fixed yesterday’s rain and uploaded the corrected noaareport and climatedtaout files. Clientraw.txt is uploaded every 10 seconds.

The main page uses testtags.php and does not show yesterday’s rain. So that’s not picking up the corrected value. In a couple of hours today will be yesterday and it won’t matter anymore but it would be nice to know how to force this file to pick up the corrected value.

Wxhistory.php uses monthyear.htm (August2010.htm in this case). This file also doesn’t show the corrected rain for yesterday. July2010.htm is correct and needed to be uploaded.

Trend-inc.html also doesn’t show yesterday’s rain. The month to date graph is wrong but I haven’t, AFAIK, done anything to recreate it. The main WD program display also doesn’t show yesterday’s corrected rain value.

Man, I wish there was a single list of files, how they’re generated, how corrected if necessary, their dependencies, etc. The shear number of times this gets asked about sure seems to show that documentation is needed. If I have missed it please point me in the right direction. Carterlake/AJAX guys feel free to jump in as well. Thanks.