Correct data

This night at 00:04 - 00:6 I got wrong data in the, the Temp. dropped to -17.9 (from 18.8) and these 3 mins lines in the log showed wrong data. I corrected the lines. But the Main screen and the reports still show the extreme values. How can I correct the graphs and report?
thanks for help peter

what weather station type?
you can correct the graph under setup, graph setup, then use the correct graph button
then click and hold and releae the mouse over the area to be corrected, then click set start /end
then tick temperature correction, then click on correct, and then save

then you will also need to edit that data in the log, 62004lg.txt
or use the convert wdlogfiles to graphs, under aciton, but tick, convert graph files to logfiles…and select the file, month92004.inf, then click on convert

the all time records you can reset under action, reset selected all time records, and or aciton, enter your own all time records

Thanks i’ll try. It is the WS 2300 Conrad.


so you are using it in wireless mode?
there is a problem with the station, it sends -32 (0oF) when no signal
but i have set wx to ignore that now…
so, which verison of wd?
try the latest version

for the moment I have to use wireless. But later this week I can use the modified cable of the wind sensor (as suggested in the forum) and also replace the cable between the temp / hygro sensor with a stp.

I do a version update usually once a week (now using 10.16r).