copyright free pictures, where to get?

looking for copyright free pictures, as i like to add some pictures in my page, as it looks like this just to dry.
any idee, where i can find some nice copyright free pictures?
best regards

Pictures of what?

I take it you meen weather related here is one i took

You must ahve misnamed that picture. There’s no way Hull could look that good!

Im afraid it was hull i went up there for the week 2 weeks ago and got up especially for the sunrise.

hi all,
pictures like > weather? rain, sun, clouds, storm, cyclone, satellite, rain drops, etc… like to do a weather banner. or as a background…
yes pictures as shown thats a start :wink:

any idee?
best regards

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hi all,
pictures like > weather? rain, sun, clouds, storm, cyclone, satellite, rain drops,

Are you looking for anything specific? World wide reader base here, maybe we could help.

thanks carterlake, i do have a commercial site.
then i think i shut go to buy some pictures, or do my own once.
but i saw that i can use pictures from satellites on my page or other stuff, as i place a copyright to the providing partie.

Hunter not realy specific, my site looks a little plain and not realy weather related.
so, i like to change this.

best regards

ps> offtopic but carterlake dit you do your signature like windy explained here?

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thanks carterlake, i do have a commercial site.
then i think

I wouldn’t be to critical. For a WebSite with minimal ‘eye candy’ yours does extremely well.

I did have to squint a little while reading because of the age to color factor (my age:).

My only suggestion would be to lengthen the ‘menu delay time’ before it auto-closes.

You may want to consider a ‘High Bandwidth’ version along with the ones you already offer (languages).

Host a party for your local youth soccer (football, F

thanks all, so i have a party and everybody is welcome, please bring your personal weather pictures so i can shorten my work and beliving to get much nice pictures then i can ever do :wink:

Hunter i dit not get the point of ‘High Bandwidth’? what do you mean, i’m to young to understand this thing :slight_smile:

best regards

‘High Bandwidth’ in this instance is referring to a WebSite that relies heavily on images and graphics. The more you use on a Site the slower it will load for your visitors. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for most people, but many still use a standard modem with slow data transfer. That coupled with the fact that I’m in the US and your way over yonder adds more time needed to suck all the files used around the world. When I say, “This isn’t necessarily a bad thing …” I’m use a cable modem with reasonably good speed. I can view your Site in it’s entirety while my neighbor mentioned above is still waiting for the page to load. [slight exaggeration to help make point:] My “Pipe” is bigger so more can travel faster.
In my case, your Site loads extremely fast. If you also offered the ‘High Bandwidth’ version, chances are pretty good that I’d use it as I like “eye candy” (in moderation) when done correctly. While I’m watching live web cams and weather data being constantly updated and enjoying your online photo album of the local hot spots, my neighbor with the “standard modem with slow data transfer” is still waiting for the page to load. HIS equipment can’t handle a ‘High Bandwidth’ WebSite.

SO, you let me know when the party is. I can monitor the weather from here. :slight_smile:

Hunter, now i understand, perhaps i wakeup to early this morning.
no you are right, and on the beginning, my concept been > to make a fast loading page, with not to may fancy things here and there.
i do not want to add now pictures all over> but just to give it the “flair” of a weather site. like just the banner on top.
somethings little, not that your neighbor will sit till tomorrow to see the beauty of the www :wink:

thanks for your advise
best regards

Try this NOAA site - All photos on it are NOT copyright.


Are you looking for pictures or possibly animated graphics for Sunshine, Raining, Snowing, Moving clouds?

I have quite a few of the animated graphics that I can make available.

They are 64X64.