Cool Additions?

Menu bar:

  1. Can there be a seperate save, instead of just save & exit? restarting can take some time when downloading from VP datalogger
  2. You can probably put Register under Help - once you register the software, its unnecessary.
  3. How about a MenuItem that would bring up browser pointed to the download page to see if new version is posted … (Under Help?)
  4. ANd a MenuItem that goes to the Forum - under help… opens browser, goes to forum…

Thanks, again, Brian. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


the data is saved automaticly every 1 minute and every 10 minutes for some data types…
if the program is started quickly, then it should not try to download form the vp data logger
does that happen?

the problem is that a change in Hardware or OS requires a new code
but you are right…i will look at that

under view, there is: visit the weather display web site: where the verison number is shown there
the forum url:
its not fixed, and could change (but has not yet).///
i.e chris might change it, remove it, any of the above (he has very kindly provided it for all our use)

You may have already thought of this but just bookmark the forum in your browser. The forum works better and faster that way anyway. Same with the downloads page.
Jim :smiley:

the register menu item to the help once registered is a good idea…

and yes, another way is to click on the link to the forum, left mouse, 1 click, then select open in a new window

jim, is the disconnect the modem at a certain time workign for you?
it has been for me , and i like it :slight_smile:


Are set up changes saved at the time they are made, or does that only happen with save and exit too?


its all done on the fly (saved as you make the changes)
the exit , save and exit, also updates some of the files that are only saved every 10 minute, there and then
the exit , exit, is a legacy of trying to fix the exit error…

On coniferwx I am using the FTP that you asked for beta testers about 3 weeks ago. It seems to be doing OK. Every now and then it will stop in the middle of an upload and wait until it times out. It usually does it on the summary.gif but not always. In any event it does not do it often and I’m not sure why, WD, FTP, or a hardware or ISP issue. It is infrequent enough that I have not been concerned.

On Southparkwx, I am running the one you recommended for dialup, v6.42. It appears to be bullet proof so I don’t want to mess with it.

Now my hard drive is getting noisey on that computer. Never ends!

Hi Guys,

First, yes I have the forum & Download page bookmarked, on my quicklaunch bar. I was just thinking it would be cool on a help menu, as that is typically the place for more info, support, version info, etc. There could be an ini file setting with the URL, in the event it changes, or Brian can hard code it in, which may be simpler. Just a thought…

The VP Data logger does occasionally want to download a day or two’s worth of data when restarting - Not sure of the pattern, it seems whn I update WD, I save& exit, then open the new download… I always like to make sure all is OK before I leave the computer… IE data is displaying, etc. I’ll put my special observation cap on, and watch closer…

My comments on the seperate save were based on the belief that certain setup items were saved only upon ticking this item, and resultantly restarting WD. I just want to be certain when I OK out of a setup page, that it is saved, and the function will commence with the new setting.

Thanks for the support!!

i am getting a vp from davis, so i can perfect a few things (but i have not seen it yet)
yup, wd saves things straight away when you click on OK
(not like zone alarm where you have to shut down windows gracefully for it to remember settings!)

yes, ok, good idea, i will add the forum url under the help menu :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten the impression you supported more weather stations than you had in house… You’ve done a great job doing so - I’m sure you will improve even more!!


the forum url: its not fixed, and could change (but has not yet)./// i.e chris might change it, remove it, any of the above (he has very kindly provided it for all our use)

No plans to change/remove it yet :smiley:

One way to solve this might be to get WD to point the browser at a page on that just has an immediate re-direct meta-tag in it. The re-direct tag would then point at my pages. Then if I change the address a simple change on your site would direct people to the new location and if I stop providing the forum or you want to move elsewhere then you’re in control of the re-direct and can point it anywhere you like.