Brian -
I have asked you for something simular in the past, but please consider giving us a conversion tool with a tab on the main screen. We could open it, move it, resize it, and close it as needed. It’s primary function would be to convert Metric to English measurments, and English to Metric also…

mm to inches… inches to mm
kts to mph… mph to kts
F to C… C to F
I think you get the message…

I live in the US and don’t use metric… when I try to convert my all time records, change info in other areas of the program, etc. I have to get my pencil and paper out to convert. That is kind of rediculous, considering I’m using a computer.

Hopefully, this conversion tab would work both ways for all of us. I’m sure those that use metric need to convert when they are checking out someone’s site that uses English measurments.

If you really want to get fancy, give us a button to show metric readings on our screens and the same button to change everything back to inches - feet- mph -etc… what a great way for us poor ol’ US guys to learn metric.

I know you are busy with 10,000 other things, so if you will put this request in line somewhere, I know I would appreciate it, and I’ll bet others will also.