Conversion of Lacrosse ws-7038 wireless rain gauge to 1-wire


I just purchased a Lacrosse WS-7038 and want to convert it to 1-wire.

Has anyone done this?

I am looking to use one of these:

to connect it to the 1-wire setup I have but I am not sure where to solder the wires to the 7038 board.

Anyone know?




Not sure if you’ve found your answer… But i’m about to do the same with a different brand rain gauge.

The rain gauge operates as a see-saw arrangement, with each tip of the see-saw moving a magnet across a reed switch. The Reed switch is likely to be attached to a PCB with other components, you need to disconnect the reed switch from any existing circuit so that it can be interfaced to the 1 wire counter board.

The hobby boards counter (DC2.5r1) as you mention, counts +5v pulses, as it has resistors pulling the counter inputs to ground (GND).
To Interface a rain gauge, you simply need a reed switch that is connected across the +5V (X1-3) and either input Counter A (X1-4) or Counter B (X1-5) of the Hobby boards counter.

Then it’s just a matter of interfacing the board to the 1 wire network.

Hope this helps.


An Addendum…

Check out the Maxim Application Note 677 on a 1 wire rain gauge. It also has details of how to calibrate the rain guage.

or the original SENSORS article in PDF format at: