Control Panel ==> Internet File Creation & Uploads

I’m having an issue with ‘Internet File Creation & Uploads’ in the Control Panel, file #7.

I’m trying to get the files to upload every minute. The 1 minute box is checked.

When I click on ‘Show File Creation Time’, the box showing the times is blank.

Same with the ‘Show File Upload Times’.

What am I doing wrong?

if you have it set to update every minute then there is not need to have any times set to update

I just went in to the configuration, made sure the 1 minute tick was checked, clicked Save, then OK to exit the screens.

raintoday.gif is not updating.

What did I miss?

make sure the 1 minute override is also set in the first tab

It is. Never unchecked it.

Hi, to check, is the issue that the “file modified” time is not updating every minute for the file in your webfiles folder?
Or that it is updating locally but not getting uploaded to your website every minute?

It was initially created locally and uploaded to the web. It’s never updated after the initial create.

when you say initial create, how do you mean exaclty?
the more detailed information you can provide the better
otherwise I am just guessing and trying to be a mind reader, which I am not very good at haha

In the first attached jpg, I click on ‘Set’ for file #7.

This takes me to the second attached jpg. I click on ‘Create this file now’, then ‘Upload this file now’. The file is created and uploaded but never updated.

I then click on ‘OK’ which takes me to the first screen where I click on ‘OK’.

Clicking on the ‘Show file create times’ and ‘Show the file upload times’ displays nothing so I don’t use those buttons.

When you click on ‘Show file upload times’ is the update every minute box ticked there also?

Yes it is - just like in the screenshot. Is the times window supposed to display times when ‘Show upload file times’ is clicked? If so, mine stays blank.

i am not able to duplicate this problem
what version/build of WD?
any error under view, program event log?

note that if 1 minute is selected then there is no point in having times in use

but why use 1 minute?
try un tick use 1 minute then try every 5 minutes
if you want real time dials
then use the steel gauges


It’s for the Saratoga alternate dashboard. See here:

I’m only interested in the rain gauge.

With the 1 minute tick mark selected, there is no gif updated every i minute, just the initial create gif.

There are no entries in the program event log at all.

I just turned off the 1 minute tick marks on both screens (above) and chose 5 minutes for create and upload times. The gif is now created every 5 minute.

It just doesn’t work for 1 minute upload times, which I prefer for rain on my webpage.

there is an extra are you sure you want to do that setting you need to also tick
see the screen shot
but also make sure you have the 1 minute override ticked in the top left hand corner as well

see override…attached screen shot

then make sure you hold your tongue just right 8O :smiley:

Well hidden and all is well now! 8)

Gotta Love it #-o LOL


It’s still working fine :smiley:

One last thing on the gif image.

It has a white border on the right and bottom of the image. How do I get rid of that?


the issue is down to windows desktop different screen sizes and settings
but what I could do is add ability where you can customise the output size (width and height) to find tune that border