Does anyone know the name of the program which rins when I hold those three keys together: Ctrl and Alt and Del?

Windows? I think it’s a deeply embedded system call that handles it rather than a specific program.

Out WinNT machines at work use the sequence to bring up the login sequence. But bad things happen if I do that on my WinXP machine.

Really? I get Task Manager.

Yea, thats where I get into trouble :slight_smile: Killing processes that I don’t recognize the name of, then my machine starts acting weird #-o #-o #-o


Really? I get Task Manager.

Depends how XP was set up. It may either give you logon/off/change user options or the task manager.

If you are in XP you can do it from the command line with shutdown and a command line argument (can’t link directory but it’s under “S” in the command line reference)

You can do that, but I don’t think Ctrl+Alt+Del runs that program.

You’re right, it doesn’t, and my windows macro program can’t even run that “program” (but has alternate functionality) so I agree with your original “deeply embedded” comment.

I was assuming lehautforneau wanted to do what Ctrl+Alt+Del does, even if that wasn’t really his question.

I took it to mean he wanted to capture Ctrl+Alt+Del to do something differently. Perhaps we should ask him what he wants to do!!

Yes. My problem is that I can’t use Ctrl Alt Del on my computer to control another computer via VNC Server and Viewer.
When I do that, it affects only my local computer which is normal.

What VNC do you use? The one I have installed I can use just Internet Explorer for the (java?) client and that a “CTRL-ALT-DEL” button on the window and it works just fine. I’ll check the version tonight.

There is most likely an alternate.

When using Remote Desktop, you use CTRL+ALT+[b]END[/b] But you can get to the taskbar by right clicking on the Start bar (not the Start Button but an empty space on the blue bar).

I’m using 3.3.7


If you click on the icon in the running programs bar you get a menu and one of the options is send Alt+Crl+Del. You just click on it and viola VNC sends that keycode sequence to the client PC and it will recieve it as if you typed in at its keyboard.

Thanks all and specially nikoshepherd. I didn’t know you could get Task Manager by right clicking in the task bar. :slight_smile: