Continuosly streaming possibility?

Do you know what would really be neat? In the catagory of Client Server TCP/IP and all that … (I’m assuming you have to run a copy of WD on the LAN or internet “other computer” to get the main page, etc. to render data, displays, etc.)

Can there be a little stand-alone program that would take the data from the clientraw.txt file and just render the “largedisplay” in near realtime, via streaming?

I assume there is no java technology that would just enable a web page to take the streaming (like videos on some sites) info and display the “largedisplay” with streaming realtime numbers (well, one to three second updates, depending on station speed). Perhaps that is opening a new Pandora’s box on site provider server traffic limitations (some site providers limit traffic to say, 5 Gig/month or so).

Perhaps I’ve missed something (underestimated) about how all that Client Server TCP/IP stuff works. Already tried it’s basic function (over a LAN) and it works nicely.

The clientraw.txt file is updated once a second roughly. So its possible. If you download the Free Client Viewer it sounds like what you are looking for.