consolewd running on Ubuntu 9.04

I now have Weather Display Live (data provided by consolewd using a Davis Vantage Pro2) running on my own Ubuntu 9.04 web server ( I could not find a manual for setting up consolewd so wrote my own setup instructions. I would be happy to provide a copy to this forum if one does not already exist.

I’d be happy to see it. Can you post it pls :slight_smile:


I missed this thread…
great to see a weather site from NZ , and windy wellington at that,using consolewd
but the page is not loading at the moment?

For the past couple of weeks my Davis Vantage Pro2 has developed the horrible “Low battery on Station 1” disease. Looking at the capacitor it is shot (leakage/corrosion) so it is off for repair. Should be back on-line in a couple of weeks.

I will post my Ubuntu instructions over the weekend.