Confused with solar sensor

I’ve finally found a glass jar big enough to put a temperature sensor in and have put it outside. I’ve got WD set for solar sensor on sensor 1 and temperature for 0% as 1.1 and for 100% as 13.1. The outside temp is currently 10.9degC and sensor 1 is reading 14.3degC. However the WD solar reading is 100%.

I thought the temperature for 100% was the difference above outside temperature, so at the moment I’d have expected to get 100% solar when sensor 1 reached 24degC (10.9 + 13.1).

It’s bright today, but there is almost 100% coverage of thin high cloud, so I’d have estimated it at around 70% solar at the moment.

What am I doing wrong?

thats the way its supposed to work
i will tyr and duplicate here (its just that it then ties up my internet connection running any test weather station, until i get another usb to comport adaptor (not cheap)

I’m fairly sure it’s just working off the solar sensor temperature rather than the difference between the sensor and outdoor temperature.

I’ve currently got set 0%=1.1degC and 100%=13.1degC. It’s dark now with an outdoor temp at 14.4 and the solar sensor reading 14.6, so I should be reading 0%, but I’m showing 100%. If I increase the value for 100% to 15.1degC the solar % drops below 100%. I’ve also just seen the outdoor temp drop and the solar % didn’t change, but if the solar sensor temp drops the % does reduce.

The solar sensor is working great here on version 9.67.

Thaks for reminding me Rupp. I’m running 9.71b. I think it did work in a previous version, but I can’t remember which one now.

Chris, Solar sensor is working OK here . Using 9.71b
Using value of 1.1C for 0%, 10.1C for 100%
I had A lot of problems getting it set up when I first started using it
but it has run like clockwork for months.
Do you have it set up on the FIRST extra temp ROM ID ???
:?: :idea:

ok, in between rolls of wallpaper, i set up the wmr918 (and i had to stop my own WD as my usb com port adaptor does not work too good with teh serial data from the station)
and put the extra sensor #3 out in the sun, and set the sensor # to use as 3 in the solar setup
guess what, there is a problem
I have fixed it
It IS ok for the dallas 1 wire, in the latest vers (why are you usign 9.68 greg?) BUT not for the WMR968

i have fixed and tested,. and am uploading version 9.71d now

a new vers is ready chris
should be OK (i have tested)