Configuring WD Live Help !

Hi guys Im looking into using this WD Live but im a little Lost here TO how to set this up ! IE i set up but i get error say
Eorror Loading Data can some one please tell me where i gone wrong ? #-o

Please post a link to the live page and then we can look at the files and help :slight_smile:

I think I might have got it working :smiley:


It’s still failing for me, one problem I see is that in the index.html there are two http://'s in this line so I think that’s why it can’t load the data

 <PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="wdlv4_11.swf?http://">

In your index.html of wdl you have this where it should be wdlconfig.xml instead of clientraw.txt fix that and we’ll see next.

Good catch, I missed that it was the wrong file name too #-o

So the next problem is that the wdlconfig.xml is missing the locations for the clientraw files.

well it dose look like it working ? i will leave it now for a few days and see how it gose. this update it self to web or do i need a Refresh added to my page ??


WDL refreshes by itself according to the refresh rate you have set to the upload from WD and the wdlconfig.xml refresh rate. No need for anything else.
Still can not see your live weather in your page.

The page is working in Firefox, but it’s not working in IE.

Works with Opera as well but not IE, still not fixed the line in the index.html from WDL.

I just checked it it working You may need to clear your cache in IE to see it.
Coyote :smiley:

what ine that Peter ??, Sorry i dont us IE any more…

Loads fine in Safari and Opera but still nothing using IE (with cache cleared)

BTW I like your site. Plenty of useful information.

thanks for that Kojack :smiley:

Madmusic, you have the index.html file from WDL as iFrame in your main page, that index.html file contains a line like I said before in the previous post, it has to be corrected, according to the installation instructions. If you thing that your page is ok then fine with me.

Should read as follows:

thanks i have already change it just forgot to upoad it #-o sorry

Madmusic, the WDL can update every few seconds, by the looks of it you are using the 15 min. update for the live as well, do you know how to do WD to update the clientraw.txt every few seconds? and have realtime ftp that file to your site?

Working fine in IE now.
Referring to the quote above: A 15 min update is not a true WDL.
I’m sure that if you are at a loss with the clientraw.txt updating, someone here will guide you.

what do i need too do…