Com Port


A similar problem that you and wetbulb_guy are working on, still here too.

When I boot WD the comm port is not selected. The funny thing tho is all I have to do is select the “comm port settings” drop down and do nothing else, then WD selects the right comm port and begins hearing my Ultimeter without me doing anymore. It also works the first time I boot after upgrading too but anytime after that when I re-boot WD I have to just select the drop down window to get it running.

If I can get this working I can start using the auto re-boot feature.


Hey I think this happened to me too last night! WD wouldn’t see my data for the longest time after installing the latest version last night. I diconnected/reconnected the serial port a zillion times, restarted WD a bunch of times… And I rechecked the selected station and the comm port settings and I think that’s when it started seeing the data for me (My other problem, the problem with hangs after WD has been running ten minutes to an hour, is still my biggest problem right now…)

Hi Jim
I know you have hid this problem for 2 years now!
but i have not got to the bottom of it yet
and there is nothing undder the program error log at start up?
Ted, what station again>?
sometimes that misfires at startup
it has a very strange startup seq needed to wake up the weather station communications…there is a ws2310 restart…
if wd didnt crash on you, you wouldnt have this issue!

i have had wd running for 10 weeks before, then a power cut longer than ups could handle it…(but no ftp)… on a 133 mhz 48 mjb PC with win 98SE

Not that bad, Brian. I think it has only been a couple months and only on my machine so I’ve thought of it as a local problem. I just went to check the program error log and it is empty. BUT, I thought I’d give it a try and did an exit and save, twice. Both times WD came up and recognized my station without having to select the drop down menu. That’s the first time (2x) in months. Go figure?? I’ll try a re-boot of the computer and see if it still holds the comm port location

Ted, what station again>? 2310? sometimes that misfires at startup...

I have the Ultimeter 2100…

I struggled at one point tonight to get the latest WD to see my Ultimeter data. For the record, merely bringing up “Comm port settings” did not fix it.

After several brutal crashes (Windows XP Pro stops with a black screen and says everything is stopped to prevent hardware damage - I’ve gotten a lot of these the past few days) I finally got WD to see the data.

Seems to be involved with selecting the weather station and getting the data length configuration data correct and that WD has trouble getting this right for the Ultimeter (ESPECIALLY after installing the latest WD on top of the APRS Lite version) but once it’s right things seem to work fine from there even if WD program is exited and restarted PROVIDED that I disconnect the serial port between Exit and WD Start up, and then reconnect the serial port.

ah ha, you have a ultimeter Ted ( or is there 2 ted’s)

peet bros have not have made it easy
there are differnt data lenghts for different models…

Same Ted. This is the least of my problems as I can usually get WD configured after some gyrations to see the Ultimeter 2100 data. Now if only the ftp function would not hang things up…