Com port error after reboot


I have started getting com port errors after WD does its daily reboot.
It has happened 3 times in the last 5 days. I’m running Windows XP Pro with the WMR-968 station.
The only why I have found to clear the problem is the disconnect the serial cable from the station reboot the PC and restart WD. Is there something with XP that is causing this I just upgraded 2 weeks ago? Or is there a bud in WD that could be causing it? Is there any other way to clear the problem?


Are you getting a port error or staiton not found? I’vwe got the same thing with 1-wire.


Im getting Com Port Error on the header…

I’m running 1-Wire so I’m not sure it will help. FWIW, XP orig. and XP SP-1 work fine (most of the time) with WD.


check the wdisplay.ini file, and see what the com port number is there
also, when it happens, check the view, program error log

i dont use a serial port myself, excpet for dallas 1 wire (different system)…


The wdisplay.ini has the following:

number=1 (this is the comport that is used by my pc)
check for release=no
no temp sensor=no
normal hum=no
normal indorr=no

I will check the error report if it happens again tonight…



Well it happened again tonight and there was nothing in the program error log when I opened it… Checked the wdisplay.ini and it had not changed…
:?: :?: :?:

i might do the comport # set routine again a minute later
is there any chance some other softare is conflicting/using it?

The only thing running on the PC is WD… Is there anything I can check when it comes to the com port on the PC? What does the release com port setting in WD do? Can I set this to release the port before the reboot? :idea:

Thanks… :smiley: