Cloud detection

A couple of interesting pages on circuits to detect clouds. They’re a few years old, but the parts may still be available…

For some reason, the Weather Rock entered my head as I was reading your post.
Just shows you how totally bent I am, I guess…hee hee. 8O

a dry rock means fair weather.
a wet rock means it’s raining.
a dusty rock means a dust storm.
a swaying rock means it’s windy.
a shadow under the rock means it’s sunny.
a white rock means it’s snowing.
if the rock is jumping up and down, an
earthquake is upon us.
if the bottom of the rock is under water it’s a

That’s surely off topic…the weather rock doesn’t detect clouds #-o

yes it does…
no shadow under the rock, its cloudy :lilangel:

Or night time!

nawww, if you can’t SEE the rock, it’s night time! :lol:

I kind of use the WeatherDog method.
If the dog is wet, it is raining, white, snow, can’t see dark. etc…
Then I do use the time tested cloud detection unit. I just look upward. If I see blue or stars ( I have either tipped too far back and hit head on ground…again… or it is clear), If I see the ceiling… I have failed to go out side. Etc.

You throw the rock into the sky and ask it what it saw before it hits the ground.

Naw… Tried it. You know those things hurt when they land on my head? Must be using Iowa rocks. Then tried to fling a punk rocker, but they scream a lot on the way down… #-o