Cloud Base - Newbie Question

Ok so a possible dumb one but I’ll ask anyway.
I have watched with intent the cloud base display, and I’dlove to understand how it draws it findings.
On a clear day it says something like 6000 ft, now at the mo it points to 2952ft, but it’s a clear starlit night and damn warm to boot.
Pointers even “doh” responses welcome.
“I still learning, so be patient with me…”

Hi Q,

The cloud base is based on the dew point, which is based on the humidity and temperature from the station.

and it is based on a assumed adiabatic environmental elapse rate…(dry air assumption), and so the height at which the temperature reaches the dew point due to cooling as you increase in altitude, is the estimated cloud height.
by setting a altitude, under units, this then creates an offset for the cloud height formula.
if you live at altitude, your temperature will be lower …and there fore the dew point depression will be lower…and this then creates a lower cloud height estimate
the formula is simply the dew point depression*412 (estimated cloud height in feet)

but this is from assumed sea level…
so you do need to have your altitude set…

which is need for QFE barometer option as well…




Many thanks that explains it pefectly.