ClientViewer and Win XP Shared Folders

Good evening from Normandy (France), and congratulations for this fantastic software I am still discovering since a few days…

The only thing, for the time being, I experiment problems with is the ClientViewer.

I have read all I found on this forum regarding its configuration, but I still can’t have it working between my 2 Windows XP PCs (the “server” one with Weather Display ; and the “client” one with ClientViewer.exe).

I have also tried installing a FTP server on the “server” PC, and asked Weather Display to store its Clientraw.txt in the “anonymous” folder, but clientviewer.exe still does not want to use it (whereas I can access it with Internet Exlorer from the “client” PC).

So, something I ask myself is why it is not possible to simply tell Clientviewer.exe the path of a Windows’ “Shared Folder” where WeatherDisplay has stored Clientraw.txt (it is already possible, I have tested it, to tell WeatherDisplay to store Clientraw.txt in such a “shared folder”).

It would be a very simple solution, which does not require managing IP, ports and proxy number, which is not necessary easy when a Firewall is activated on the LAN. Just a simple “Set folder location for Clientraw.txt” button in ClientViewer.exe, and I am sure all would work…

No ? :roll:

Thanks again for this wonderful software .


yes, that will work, i will add that…good idea
in fact, i use that myself in a similar way, as a universal weather station type, reading a file on a mapped drive on another windows PC

but otherwise, with the TCP client/server, try using just the default IP setting and default port number

The french farm student I had here this week was from your area of france…

ok, i have added this option to the tcp client/server setup…
select the client raw location, and tick to use for client
in version 9.88d, which i will upload soon

Many thanks for such a fast answer and add to the software.

I have installed WD 9.88d on my client computer, the setup has been made as “client”, and I have selected the new option “use Clientraw.txt from this location”.

NB : in order for the location to be accepted, I had to “map” the shared folder (unit : Z:). The default windows format (\Computer\SharedFolder) is not accepted.

I have also tried to copy the clientraw.txt file from the shared folder to the local drive (c:) of the client computer (just to test) : it still does not work when I select this local location for clientraw.txt !

What could I have forgotten ? The main switch and the “client swith” have both been activated…

The version of WD on the SERVER is 9.87c : could this be a problem ? Perhaps the clientraw.txt file produced by this version is not the one expected by the 9.88d version ?

In this case, can you tell me how to upgrade the software on the server without any risk for the data recorded ?

Thanks again, and tell a friendly “bonjour” from here (*) to your french farm student :smiley:

(*) from “here” exactly : :wink:

ok, i have tested and fixed
download a new 9.88d
ps. the farm french worker has gone home now a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

Ok, many thanks : all seems to work now, and I find this new option very easy to use.

I suppose it is normal for the graphics (right side of the main screen) not to be drawn in client mode ?

Will you also update the little stand alone ClientViewer.exe with this new “shared folder” option ?

Thanks again.


humm, that graph should be being updated…
i will check that
yes, this file on a LAN/mapped drive is good, and is better than problems with tcp settings/firewalls etc
yes, i will add this option to the client viewer
also, the client raw downloaded from a internet URL , to update a clients data,should work better too…i found a problem there too

Good afternoon,

I don’t know if it was supposed to, but the 9.88e version I have just downloaded on my “client” WiFi notebook PC still does not draw the graphics, in client mode, on the right of the main screen…

Please notice that the clientraw.txt is still produced by version 9.87c : I hope the problem does not come from here…



ah, i forgot to test that…
now, does it draw the graph, but just not update it?
any errors under view, program error log?

I have re-tested with version 9.90 as client and 9.89d as server (sorry for the delay : my notebook was not disponible) : always the same problem with the graphic on the right side of the main page, not drawn at all.

But it is to notice that the real time graph is working correctly on the client…

No program error log at all on the client.

Any idea ?



ok, i see what i have done wrong
uploading a fix now
i will let you know when its ready
(about 1 hour)

downlload a new full version and it should be ok
( a new 9.90)

i have also added the use of a clientraw.txt file on a mapped drive to the client viewer vers 5.7, ready to download now