ClientRaw.txt anomoly

Server is updating clientraw.txt on internet site. Reading the data with Stationless WD. Get data from internet is ticked. The stationless WD doesn’t seem to be receiving updated info, although data received flashes green and data quality is steady green.

Anyone else using this feature? Is it working?

BTW, v is 9.75d

Is it not receiving data or is the data just not changing?

If it’s the latter, then it could be due to your ISP running a transparent cache. For some reason transparent caches sometimes don’t/won’t check if a remote file has changed and keep on returning the same data each time you ask for it.

I had this problem with my ISP. I think they’ve changed the caching software now, but I’ve not tried the client software since.

Hi Chris,

I see the time stamp of the file moving forward - and I see activity on the hub… I’m assuming its updating… and, stationless WD has green lights, so I think its reading the file… or appears to be. After an amount of time, the file no longer changes. As an example, Right now, its stamped as 16:53 5/10/03… That will change when I restart WD.

It sounds like your problem may be different than mine.

i will try and duplicate/test this


Have you published the fields and the filed order of clientraw.txt? I’d like to see how / if the data is changing…


there is a file in the downloaded installation called clientrawdescription.txt

i am doing a test of this feature , and its got the latest data from my clientraw.txt file (make sure you have teh weather station type as stationless, the client switch and the main switch ON on the client/server setup,and you have the tick box set to get the data from over the internet, and you have entered a url to get the data from
e.g mine is

and then restart the program

i have tested this, and it works OK
for me…