Clientraw shows Dry/Dusk and its Night Time

Brian I just installed 10.25d this morning and I have just noticed that my WDL is showing Dry/Dusk and it is 22:45hrs here now weel after it should have changed to Night Time. It had been behaving perfectly after you sorted me out a few days ago with the icon type field. This is now showing icon type 18 which is overcast and it may well be but I have no idea how WD might know that from the solar sensor which is showing 0.


there are other threads on the day/night time issue

after moving alot of code around trying to fix e exception errors a group of people have been getting, 1 or 2 things have blown up

and i am trying to fix this issue

note that a restart does fix the day/night issue

Brian this morning I noticed that my solar percentage calculation is not working, the expected and actual values are working but not the percent. Is this related as well?


Update: A restart fixed this as well so it does seem related. I think I might go back to the older version I was using until you get this sorted, that was running for days with no interruptions needed from me!