Client Viewer Problem

I don’t normally plan to use the client viewer software but I am going away tomorrow to do a presentation this weekend on Emergency Communications. One of the topics and demonstrations will be Weather Stations and of course Weather Display. I have used clientviewer a few weeks ago but now it does not update even though clientraw.txt is on my FTP server and I am pointed to it correctly.

I deleted the software and re-installed it. Much to my surprise all of the original setitngs are back in there and I still have a problem. Do I need to delete something from the regestery to clear all the settings and start with a clean slate ? Here is the location of the file

I don’t know the output format so I cannot verify the time but the ftp file time and date is updating.

Rich K4GPS

i put the link

as one of the book marks in the client viwer , ticked data over the internet, then clciked on OK, then exited and restarted , and trhen clicked on that bookmark, and vola
its 4:20 am at your place and 8.6oC, and its updating :slight_smile: