Client Viewer Not updating?


It seems ClientViewer is not updating, even though the Updated light flashes green often. I do not see network activity on the PC either. I have it set to get data from over the internet, and have a web server URL defined.

Now check this out: If I bring up stationless WD on that same PC, which is also getting data from over the internet, then I notice ClientViewer updates properly (as does WD) and, obviously, there is network activity on the PC.
ClientViewer is v5.5, WD is 9.80c.

What do you think?


PS Do you have snow yet?

thats sounds strange, that you need wd also getting the same data to kick start it
it might be a cache thing?
if the time is not changing, then its not getting new data (but the light i thought i had it would only flash when the time changed…hummm…

yes, the skifields have had good snow at last, and some will be opening in the next week :slight_smile:

up this way its been a warm winter so far
13oC at 10pm at night is not too bad!

Yes, weird in that WD needs to run for CV to update. The Update light flashes green on CV often, but no change to data.

The time does not update when its inoperative. I’m seeing some weird stuff in the upper right portion of the window near the update light. I can make out the time, and part of the title of the weather station that I assume is in the string within clientraw.txt…

Something else I see - solar reading down near the bottom right says NY % under it…