client viewer and mac OS X

Any thoughts of doing a port of the client viewer over to the mac side of things?? or any work at all for WD on the mac side of the world?


Brian is the only person who could answer this and he’s been away storm chasing in the US for the last two weeks. He’s on his way home soon, but I guess it will take a while for him to catch up on all the messages/emails since he left.

maybe when he gets back and finds time he can tell me if he plans anything like this.

no plans at this stage

Thats a shame seems this post got alot of page views…surely MAC OSX is more popular than linux since MAC went to INTEL PROCESSORS.

Not until you can download OS-X for free and run it on almost any Intel or AMD board…

and really dont understand why people dont like windows
i have never had any problems (except for self inflicted problems) with windows

Never said i didn’t like WINDOWS…I’m a power user and do alot with my main machine(i have 2 winxp boxes 1 vista ultimate box and a macbook) i ran WINXP for 18 months without issues or issues that forced me to reformat and start over…I’ve switched to vista its a lil buggy but that’s to be expected with a new OS…I’ve ran just about every Linux distro that’s ever been popular very versed in bash and free is nice but OSX has more apps than Linux and is just as secure so in my opinion it’s a better alternative to windows…my only issue with windows is security. I myself don’t have any problems but about 90% of the issues that other people i know have had is with security or spyware.mostly spyware cuz they dont know when to not click on something like a pop up…The reason i asked about the free client being ported wasn’t for me it was for about 30 people i have looking at my data the company they work for got them all macbooks and they like the free client and wanted to use it on their new macs…