Client/server WD display mis-match

WD 9.74a
Dallas 1-wire v3 with additional AAG temp sensor
Windows ME
Weather Station PC spec - Athlon 1GHz, 512Mb RAM
In-house PC Spec - Athlon 1.2GHz, 512Mb RAM

I have the weather instruments connected to my observatory computer. My observatory computer (the server) is on my LAN along with my house computer (the client).

My server downloads the local METAR data from CYOW and uses the humidty reading and the Sky Conditions value for my weather reports. Note: the barometer metar data is not used. My server WD shows correct temp, wind and humidity and no barometer. This is correct.

My server broadcasts the local weather data on the LAN. The client computer picks this up and displays it. Wind, temp and humidity values display correctly and in realtime.

A barometer value of 101.2 kpa is shown on the client WD window when there is no value displayed by the server WD window. I would expect no barometer value to be sent from the server across the LAN if no value is being tracked by the server. OR… I would expect no value to be reported by the client if no value was sent from the server. Either case, I should not be seeing a baro value on the client WD window.

The sky conditions icon does not accurately appear for night time sky conditions. For example, the daytime “cloudy” image appears at night on the client whereas the server shows the partially obstructed moon. The metar data accurately reports Sky Conditions: cloudy

I believe I have accurately setup both the server and the client WD app. the same way. Both ends should display the same info.

Has anyone else seen this?

    Bob, Ottawa

W75 54 17 N45 18 30
G16 #27

the 1013 hpa is a default reading.
its a bit hard to mimic all the settings on the client …
try setting the lat/long on the client too…under view, sun moon

barometer from metar
i have added that now that option (un tested)
in a new vers 9.74a

Wrt the sky conditions icon…
Lat and Lon are (were) set correctly on the client.
Other hints…

Thanks for the baro fix. I mentioned the client’s behaviour because of an issue I saw on another weather newsgroup. The thought was missing sensors shoud not be displayed with their last value or even a default value. Missing sensors should have no value. Assigning a default or the last read value would actually screw up averages calculations. The thoughts expressed suggeted no value was a better approach.

I did not hear comments from developers so I may be missing some crucial tidbit…

Regardless, this is a great app. Thanks Brian.