Client Raw RSS php script v1.5

G’day All,

A new version of ClientRaw2Rss has been released. It can be downloaded from
Version 1.5 includes only fixes for case issues that only impact unix based websites.

Examples of the RSS output

To Install:-

  1. unzip the contents of into a directory on your webserver.

  2. Location of your clientraw.txt file (edit RssConfig.php)
    If you have unziped the files into a different directory than that of the clientraw.txt file
    you will need to edit RssConfig.php and update the variable $Config[ClientRawLocation]=“”;

For example if the config file lives in D:\website\weatherDisplay, this variable needs to look like


It’s important to change the direction of the slashes, as the \ is also an escape character in php and can upset some code.

  1. Metric or Imperial measurements? (edit RssConfig.php)
    Within the config file also change the Scale to whatever is valid for your part of the planet.

    $Config[Scale] = “metric”;
    $Config[Scale] = “imperial”;

(dont forget to save the changes)

  1. Their are three different RSS feeds that can be used.
    rssfeed_CurrentObs.php - the current observations
    rssfeed_RainFall.php - the current rainfall
    rssfeed_SunMoon.php - the current sunrise/moonrise/sunset/moonset etc details.


Their are also other settings in the RssConfig.php file that can be updated, but for the moment, they can be left at their default values.