Hi all
I found this project at net ,and i would like your opinion about this,if someone knoes about this .Do you beleive it is true or not true ?

Chemtrails? Orgonites? Paying $245 for some artifacts that do absolutely nothing but paperweight… All this stuff is pure rubbish for me.

“Five Gallon Iron pipe Chembuster Base (without upper pipes)- $475 plus shipping

All these people should spend the money on a weather station and study something about what a contrail is.

The further I read, the more I become surprised. No words to describe this:

"Beyond applications for psychic and psychotronic protection, a Powerwand can be programmed with your intention to address any problem or concern. I programmed the Powerwand seen below with my focused intent (along with many other people) to deactivate and weaken Hurricane Wilma on October 23, 2005 when it was building up strength in the Carribean, on its way to Florida. If you recall, Wilma fizzled beautifully and was a non-event, despite the best efforts of the HAARP, the military boys with GWEN, and the ELF tower operators. "

Of course your “intention” has a price: $650 plus shipping.

Garbage :roll: Did you mean to post this in the joke thread?

And i do not beleive it,but i saw many videos at youtube where many guys said it work well .