Check the size of the graphdata2.inf file

before starting
if it is large (greater than 0.5mb)
then delete it (from the folder datafiles)

this is the extra sensor grapg file

should be Ok in vers 9.51

also, you may have to reset your lat/long
as i have a new imroved sun rise/set, moon rise/set formula
under view, sun/moon

sorry for the hassles, onwards and upwards!
aslo, vers 9.51 should be great for wmr918 and extra sensor graph now :slight_smile:
and FTP better (but you may still have to use the old ftp version if using a dial up modem)

Arrgghhh! It appears unable to set longitude and altitude.


you need the correct number iof keading digits
i know its a bit tricky


as an example


-051:23:34 (east of gmt)

-35:25:47 (sth hemis)

It might also be nice if a couple of check boxes were put in for East-West, and North-South (if thereโ€™s room). That eliminates the need for reading the fine print.

I am able to get it within 1 minute of the newspaper time . BUT if I look at the moon detail I see that the program calculates it for the number of seconds, which is about the minute less that is on the moon page. Anyway, It works for me. :lol:

i will also put back the hour adjust for places that dont use daylight saving (but which windows thinks you do)

I am happy. Daylight time. Hmm get up an hour earlier and go to bed later and then reverse it. Odd.