Changing from Davis USB logger to IP logger

At the moment I have a Davis Vantage Pro with a USB logger going into a laptop running WD software at a remote site.
I would like to change the logger to an IP version and plug it into a router and then move the laptop to my home.
Is there a FAQ or any documenation on what to change in the configuration and what pitfalls there are.
I see that the Davis logger sends the data to it’s own website, do we need that or can the WD software access the logger itself?
Looking forward to being able to access the data from my desk!

Found the following, is that all I need to change?

 [color=red]Re: WeatherLinkIP (ethernet data logger)

yes, just set that up,(and tick enable) and do not have ticked to release the port
then restart WD
and yes, WD will then get the data instead of the davis web site