Change wd from old pc to new one

how can i totally delete wd that i have on one pc and put it on another- i purchased a laptop and i noticed now that the weather station readings are finally showing up but i want to stop using the trial version and put original version on my laptop

Email Brian the Registration Code from the new PC/Laptop in the same way you most likely did when you purchased WD and he should Email you back the new Registration code.

Hope this helps.

(Weather Station: Win2K Pro SP3
WM918 & Developing a Station using a NRG Ano & Windvane & Dallas 1-Wire chips with extra sensors, Solar, Lightning, Temp & Humidity Baro.)

i was wondering if i should or not- but i’ll give it a shot

I have moved PC twice since I purchased WD and he has honoured the licensing each time.

if you want to try after the 30 day period, then create a file called test, with notepad, (so it is called test.txt) where you have installed weather display :slight_smile:


changing from computer to a small cube here next week !
(got enough of fatal errors after chatters, playing downloaded
games and using there type writer called word :twisted: )
So I have to install WD new on that machine
got an new code from you and
then switch over all my data files if I understand

moving the current WD to my new cube should be easier
but it’s your puppy, so give me some assistance on forehand please !

yes, just copy across the whole folder and subfolder
wdisplay.ini from c:\winnt or c:\windows
wdisplayftp.ini from the registry

if the registry settings do not load, then the registry path in the key will be different on the new pc
search for all created wdisplayftp.ini files then in the registry
and chang the path for each key in the old registry file (using notepad or similar) and re add to registry (make sure file extension is .reg so double clicking on the file automaticly adds it to the registry)