Carterlake/PHP- UV forecast stopped working

I just noticed that the UV forecast on my dashboard is showing n/a. The version on my development site on my server at home is working fine though. Must be something different at e-rice although I’m not sure how long it’s been this way.

Seems like there’s still some outages. Some have gotten the
UV forecast back and some have not. I believe it was
a DNS issue or they moved servers.

It is strange though, if you click on my n/a it will take you to the page and it is running. I’ve read about the dns issues but could this be related?


I should have mentioned that I can click n/a and get through as well. But I think the difference is that my web page uses e-rice to get the UV forecast (and fails) but if I click n/a now that uses my work’s ISP (definitely not e-rice). And my home server uses Qwest.

What outages and issues?

I think they may have been changing DNS for the main server, and it is taking a long time to run through the DNS caches.

The new address for their server is, and maybe not all the propagation has finished to cache DNS servers worldwide.

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The really strange this is…if you go to the URL for my coordinates it won’t display the forecast:

The coordinate finder on the left of the page changes to some other area (latitude=52.1)… If I retype the coordinates in the finder, it finds my forecast.

Until everything gets back up and running, I’ve actually changed my url in the script to point to Of course this is temporary until I see that everyone has theirs back up :smiley: