Carter Lake Style Web Page Setup in WD

This FAQ will show you how to set up the basic Carter Lake style website page using the facilities built-in to Weather Display.

Note: Please see the other FAQ’s for setting up the FTP Uploads in Weather Display as this FAQ assumes you already have these set.

a. From the main Weather Display program window menu, click “Control Panel” and then “Web Files/Web Page Real Time FTP/WDL” as shown in fig1.


b. You will now see the Web Files/Web Page Setup window in fig2.
Follow the notes to open the Carter Lake setup window:


c. You will now see the “Basic Carter Lake Style Web Page Setup” window (fig3).
Follow the notes below and then click on the “Update File” button when complete. Now you can click on the “Web View” tab at the top of the screen to see what it looks like.
Note: If you make any changes, you must click the “Update File” button before the changes will show in the Web View.


d. Once you have completed fig3, click “OK” to save that page and click “OK” again on the Web Files/Web Page Setup window to close it and take you back to the Control Panel.
Now click on the “Internet File Creation & Upload” button and it will open the window in fig4 below.


As noted; your internet host settings should already be filled on this page and the Main Internet Switch should be “ON”. If this isn’t the case then you need to add these details in Control Panel > FTP & Connections > Connections page.
Turn the “Overide” switch to “ON” and then click the “Set” button circled above to open the file creation & upload window for the Carter Lake Web Page and you will see fig5 below.

e. First we need to tell Weather Display when to create the file, so click on the “Show File Creation Times” button (1.
Now add the times at which you want to create the main page, the example is set at five minute but you can use what ever you wish.
Then click “Save Now” (2).

So, that’s the web page file created, now we need to upload it.
Click on the “Show file upload times” button (3) and you’ll see that the top of the page has changed to show “Remote file name” and “Remote directory” text areas (4).
If this is going to be your Home Page then you need to change the remote file name to “index.html”, “index.htm”, “index.asp” or “index.php”. The “index” name tells the website server that this is the Home Page and if go to this page if no other page is specified by a visitor. So, if someone enters “” the server will take them to this page.
Just to be safe, click “Save Now” again before we move to the upload times.

Now add the times that you want to page to be uploaded to your server, you can make these the same times as those you set for creating the file as Weather Display will create and then upload the file.
Once complete, click “Save Now” again to save and then click “OK” to close the window.

f. You can now start to create and upload the other images that the page will need. Use the same method as above for the following file numbers in the list in fig4: #2, #11, #17
Now click on the “Setup Page #2” tab at the top to give you another list of files. On this list you will need: #32 & #43

g. If you want to add more images or some text to your page then you can do this using a text editor such as NotePad and you need to look for a file called “mywebpagetemplate.txt” in the “Webfiles” folder in the main Weather Display program folder.


thanks for the great FAQ update Budgie!
I have changed the default template to moonicon.gif
re the sunicon.jpg, I guess I could get that to be uploaded one time …