Can't view using Mozilla basedbrowsers

Today a user in the UK posted his site to show this running, however under Mozilla browsers it fails.
After some searching here’s the comments on the findings.
Is this a known bug?
Thought some people might be interested in a working version of Weather Display Live:

Having had a quick look around, my guess is that “?” should be removed from the EMBED tags. It redirects to a domain holding web page and may be left over from a template web page

I’'d agree as this is where it fails running under a Mozilla browser.

Did you look at this thread?

Hi guys,

That was me who started that thread. After looking a this again, I ahve sorted out most of the iisues I had, with the exception of the display of the transparency of WDL in Mozilla. Still transparent in IE. Working on it.

Pratty, your URL looks good to me in Firefox. Oh, I see what you mean about transparency, actually I like it better the other way.