Cant recreate missing data from Monthly report after suden shutdown

Hi, I have a bit of an unusual situation with lost data and not sure if it is recoverable, however if anyone has any ideas, they would be most welcome. On the 21st of December, due to a local power outage, my PC crashed suddenly. When it restarted the all the WD settings and data were gone, however following advice from previous posts on here I used the WD backup to re-establish everything and it is working well. However, on the first of January I went to print out my Monthly report for December, but days 21 to 31 are missing. January the 1st is showing ok for this month. I have tried using “Convert Datafiles to Logfiles”, but this does not work. I have also tried "Recreating the Web Av/Ext Page, but when the counter gets to page 21 the whole WD programme closes and I have to restart it again. These days are also missing in the “NOAA Style Reports” Any ideas vey welcome. Thanks

Checking through helpful posts in this forum I have now checked my Logfiles for December 2019 and they are complete, however this information is still not finding it’w way into the Monthly Report.

Hi, convert the december logfile to datafile and that should fix the monthly report.

Thanks Martyn,
I mentioned in my first post that I have tried this, but it still does not work.

Cracked it. I checked the Logfile for errors, but could not spot anything, but the Logfile must have been corrupted somehow. Brian has a video on his website; ‘How to use your wunderground data to fill in missing data into WD’ ( . I followed this and downloaded my data from Wunderground then converted Logfile to Datafile and then recreated Report and all is good. :smiley: