Can't get WD to update CWOP every 5 minutes

I just signed on with CWOP, and set updates to every 5 minutes. Updating every 10 minutes, no matter what I try. “Aprs times” in the registry even shows every 5 minutes. I’m sure every 10 minutes is fine, but now I’m aggravated. :x Any ideas? Thanks!

I would check the CWOP website as I think they like you to update once every 15 mins to stop their servers from being overloaded at specific times.
IIRC they also ask that you upload at the same minutes past the hour as the last number of your CWOP station number; in my case my station is CW7959 so I upload at 9 minutes past the hour.

Thanks for the quick reply. I asked about server side limitations.


This shows 6 packets in the past hour, i.e. packet every 10 minutes. We have no limitations so there must be something on your end limiting to 10 minutes


I’m DW9620, so on the 5s should be good. ???

If I recall correctly, back when CWOP had the server issues that caused the change to uploading on our last number, they also wanted 10 minutes minimum and I think Brian hard coded it that way. Since then they’ve gone to 5 minutes but I don’t think anyone has asked Brian to change make a change.

  • Jim

I found the latest instructions, (HERE), and that now says 5 minutes or more.
I think you could be right Jim, about the hard coding side.

OK. I’m sure that t must be hard coded that way. I’ve tried clearing all the settings, restarting, and re-entering, etc. The dialog lets you set every 5 minutes, but obviously that means nothing if 10 is coded as the max. Every ten minutes is as good as it gets, and good enough. Thanks for the replies!


I imagine if there was enough interest, Brian would change the minimum to 5 minutes. I guess that would make the graphs a little smoother.

  • Jim

I would appreciate it if he would. Other peoples’ data is better than mine. I’m a bit annal about things like that. How do I go about asking him?

“Suggest CWOP/APRSWXNET members send their data every 15 minutes, optimally every 10 minutes (but not more frequently than every 10 minutes as this could stress server bandwidth)”

  1. How often should I send a weather data packet?
  • Every 5 minutes or LESS often, i.e. 6 minutes, 7 minutes,…etc.

This is the link that was just sent to me by Randy Collander.

Good enough :slight_smile: